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Voki, anyone?

I have started experimenting with using VOKI in one of my courses.  Has anyone else tried this tool? How have your students responded?  How have you used it?

I am considering using VOKI to demonstrate office games (and how not to play them) but wanted to see what others may have tried.


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 @molly_duggan , I’ve never heard of this tool before. Did you end up using it with your students? How did it work out?

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Hello,  @kona !

Thanks for following up.

A Voki is an education tool  - an animated avatar - that allows users to create their own talking character. Voki characters can be customized to look like historical figures, cartoons, animals, and even yourself! The avatar I use here in Canvas is a Voki of me 🙂

I used several Voki this semester in a course I had gamified, having them serve as tour guides taking students around a community college campus. In my gamified course, students attended an online social then were greeted by this tour guide:

I experimented with using Voki in several ways in this course, having them explain an assignment, provide content, and weave a narrative, Probably my favorite experiment was in combining several Voki to relay community college access stories.  I can embed these directly into Canvas, decreasing the chance of losing students once they leave 🙂

I have found them to be fun and easy to create, but I wanted to see what others are doing with VOKI in higher education.  I still have plans to use Voki to demonstrate how not to communicate (workplace games) but have run out of energy for this semester 🙂

I blogged about my use of Voki in a gamified course .. When I have surveyed students about the use of Voki, some enjoyed them, others did not.

Wow! This is great work! Have you checked out some of the stuff posted in the group here in the Community? They've got some great resources and I could see them really appreciating/enjoying learning more about what you're doing. I would recommend joining the group and then sharing this with them!

I will do so 🙂  thanks,  @kona 

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Used it a huge amount in the days it was free. It is an awesome tool and so accessible to students. Students often create their own and added them to their ePortfolio - not only do they make the page come to life but students also leanr great skills creating, publishing and presenting them.

If you have a diverse student body then creating instructions in different mother tongues would be a cool way of introducing tasks and getting students to think about others around them.

Getting language teachers to work with voki is also a must!

 @GideonWilliams ‌  Great ides!  thanks for sharing!