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5 things I do to ensure a healthy start to the school year

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  1. Support.  Make sure our support team has all the information it needs to help our Canvas users.  We will meet and make sure all of our Canvas documentation is up to date in our local knowledge base and that all links to Canvas are directing properly (no broken links).  Canvas is normally our top support item our users will contact support about.  Making sure our sites, information, and directions are up to date is critical.
  2. Integrate.  Every semester we pilot, evaluate, and explore new integrations in Canvas.  This fall was our largest piloting pool yet as we tried to explore the use of as many requested tools as we could manage.  Offering a wide variety of tools to our instructors really helps to diversify and make their teaching experience unique for our students.  Plus the pilot program helps us to decide what tools are worth keeping and allows us to compare the same types of tools and figure out which one best suits our teaching needs.
  3. Communicate.  We send out emails about the Canvas release notes, local canvas changes we make, getting help with migrating from Sakai to Canvas, Canvas training from our local team, and much more.  Send the emails out every 3 weeks and also send specialized communications when needed.
  4. Educate.  We are also big on allowing our users to help themselves.  We have done lunch and learns about the new community so users know where they can find answers, make feature requests, and learn more in general about Canvas. 
  5. Fun!  Make sure to take some time off before the start of the school year!  We always plan a family vacation before the start of the school year and i make sure to not do any work.  Even if it is just for a few days it is good to just step away and clear the mind.  Great Wolf lodge is our usual destination!