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Building Culture with Adjunct Faculty

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How would you describe your current adjunct faculty culture?  Is it disjointed, disconnected, disenfranchised, or stagnant?  Would you like your culture to be one of connection, development, community, and support?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We had the privilege of presenting at InstructureCon 2017, “Building Culture: Adjunct Faculty Success and Connection.”  Thanks to all those who attended!  We’re excited that many of you have reached out wanting more details about what we presented.  To that end, below are links to our presentation and all the documents we referenced that we’re using to build this positive culture among the adjunct faculty at Olivet Nazarene University. 

Feel free to use them, adapt them to your own needs, and even shoot us a message if you’d like to connect and discuss these in greater detail. 


 @jlvankley  &  @smoore2 

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Building Culture: Adjunct Faculty Success and Connection Presentation

Online Faculty Expectations

Mentor Observation Form

Mentor Timeline & Expectations


Thanks for creating a page here with the resources from your talk! The title really leaped out to me from the conference program, and I would have attended if I could (but as an adjunct, well, no travel money). From the slideshow, I can tell that you are doing some great things, and it is exciting to think that Canvas is helping to make that happen. I really appreciate your sharing this here so that I can try circulating this with people at my school too. Much appreciated! 


Hi, Laura!   A tad late on my reply, but glad this has been helpful for you.  Feel free to touch base if you'd like to connect more on this!   @smoore2 ‌ and I are more than willing to talk further.