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Five Things to Ensure a Healthy Start to the School Year

Community Coach
Community Coach
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CraigKilborn.jpgIn the spirit of former late night TV host Craig Kilborn (famous for "5 Questions"), here are some things that we have done prior to the start of the semester to ensure a healthy start to the school year...

  1. Offer face-to-face sessions for students who would like to come to one of our campuses and have a hands-on demo of Canvas.
  2. Started a department newsletter that was sent out to all faculty and adjuncts via e-mail.
  3. Offered Canvas Community 2.0 sessions for our faculty who wanted to know more about this space.
  4. Posted reminders as announcements to the Canvas Dashboard for faculty and adjuncts that they need to publish their courses and ensure their start dates were correct.
  5. Created two new resources over the Summer for faculty.  One is called "Canvas Resources for Instructors at MPTC", and the other is called "Canvas Labs".
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Offered Canvas Community 2.0 sessions for our faculty who wanted to know more about this space.

Like. Like. Like!

Remember there is a CanvasLIVE​ session on 8 Ways to Engage in the Canvas Community​ coming up in October! If you have any tips and tricks, please DM me... would love to have you as a guest!

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I've worked at MPTC since January 2001 as Web Specialist in the Instructional Technology department. Basically, I work with our Curriculum department to put courses into Canvas for our faculty. I enjoy playing disc golf, watching movies, playing video games, playing board/card games (Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Splendor, Above and Below, Munchkin, and Exploding Kittens), reading, and being with family and friends. I help volunteer with our Sr. High Youth program at my church and also help with the soundboard and running slides for our Sunday services. I am currently on my fourth Toyota Prius. The first (a silver 2004 2nd Gen) was victim to a flood that came through our area, and water got inside which ruined many of the electronics in it. My second (a magnetic gray metallic 2009 2nd Gen) was totaled in a rear-end collision. I totaled my 3rd Prius (a silver 2011) when I rear-ended someone by accident in town. I now have a 2019 Toyota Prius Limited...and it's awesome!