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Greetings, Canvas world!

As I am sitting thinking about my proposal for InstructureCon2020, I thought, wouldn't it be a great idea if CanvasAdvocates had space where they can present to other users from a direct end-user perspective! These presentations can stretch from beginner to advanced or even open Q and A panel with a panel of "Canvas Advocates" from varying levels of knowledge, we can bounce ideas off of each other, share experiences and provide much-needed advice to users of all levels. We've all had our struggles and random questions. We can pay it forward in 2020 and lend that helping hand to all users!

If this were an opportunity that Instructure would allow, I'm curious as to what type of workshops you like to see?  


This is so awesome of you.  We love the idea of users collaborating and sharing ideas with one another for InstCon proposals! Thank you for leading the way, and we're excited to see what ideas come out of this!

Surveyor, very cool idea! It's Friday so my brain is a bit fried in terms of coming up with ideas, but I look forward to seeing what others come up with and will be back to add my own. 🙂



Amazing idea!!!!

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Sounds like a great collab idea! After the unconference last year, I thought the unconference schedule would be an amazing resource for presentation ideas for the upcoming conference (see image below). If I'm able to attend instcon this year, then I'd be willing to help out as I can. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas.

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Unconference Schedule

Surveyor , great idea! And yes, this is a great example of things people really wanted to talk about!


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These are AWESOME ideas!  I attended the unconference myself and I always find the small round table discussions incredibly useful.  It gives the opportunity to ask questions in a small space with a little more time to get a direct answer! 

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Speaking to an instructional designer friend from a different institution said that it would be nice if "Canvas Experts" can have small sessions for the true beginners with live demos on how to set up your course, or how to use Canvas for faculty training and development. 

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Is anyone interested in collaborating to submit a proposal for a panel? I still really think its a good idea! Smiley Happy 

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