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Last year we were unable to attend InstructureCon due to me being 8+ months pregnant with this little bundle of Jones joy!

Kennedy James Jones is now seven months old and looking forward to her first InstructureCon and getting to see Mommy and Daddy present! Yep, both James and I were notified last week that our conference proposals were accepted!! James will be presenting on #Canvancements (with a little help from me as co-presenter) and I'm going to present on "No Need to Blame Canvas." So far things are shaping up for this to be another awesome #instcon‌!! Can't wait to see everyone in real life!

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Ohhhh, who needs a Panda when you have Canvas baby cuteness like that... she is adorable!!! 🙂

Community Coach
Community Coach

Just wait for the panda clothes that come out for InstructureCon! Both kids will be decked out in style! 😉

Lamplighter II

She is adorable! I wish I could go too. Darn Illinois budget!

Community Coach
Community Coach

No kidding! I got a couple of grants, but otherwise we're paying for ourselves. 😞

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