Accessing Files Attached to Submission Comments in Gradebook


One of our instructors recently noticed that he is unable to view and access any files or media comments attached by both instructors and students in the submission comments when viewing assignments within the Gradebook. This is believed to be a bug, and the issue has also been filed on Github (see

For instructors who do not use SpeedGrader, this means that they are unable to see any updates to student submissions, such as revised assignments that are posted in the comments (note that plain text comments are still visible - see image below).

Steps to reproduce this:

  1. Attach a file to a Submission Comment for Student A and Assignment B, either using SpeedGrader or the API.
  2. Confirm attachment shows up fine in SpeedGrader's view and in student's view.
  3. Go to Grades and find Student A’s submission for Assignment B.
  4. Click on the arrow-in-a-box icon on the right of that cell.
  5. The comments appear in a floating sidebar

comment attachment.png

Could the ability to see files and attachments in comments be added to the Gradebook view in some way? This would be helpful for instructors who don't use the Speedgrader to mark assignments. 

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