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Add a Learning Record Store (LRS) to Canvas

Add a Learning Record Store (LRS) to Canvas


An LRS is a database where each learner's xAPI activity statements/learning records are stored.

The Experience API is significantly different from SCORM. Unlike SCORM, the xAPI is not limited to eLearning courses or learning management systems. As a standard, it describes how you can interface any software application with a system that stores and reports on learning data, such as a learning management system.

:smileyplus:Many LMSs already produce xAPI data or have plug-ins that allow you to connect data from your LMS directly to an LRS. This will allow you to see more granular insights and specific activity data from your LMS, like repeated attempts, changed answers, media interaction, and branching choices. That way, as your people are working through a course or content journey in the LMS you can see their patterns of activity in the LRS’s data dashboards in real time. You’ll then be able to analyze how that activity relates to and impacts their performance in LMS assessments. Connecting your LMS to an LRS will provide you with in depth resolution data about your learners’ individual experiences, analysis of trends shared by your learners across the team, and an auditable data log of all the activity of your learners for compliance documentation. 

The feature(s) I'm requesting are that Canvas has a built-in LRS therefore supporting the xAPI tracking & reporting.

Community Team
Community Team

Greetings  @esapienza  

I did some checking on this idea and it is not a current product strategy, nor is it really a strategy that a partner could help with (so I took the partner category off).  I know I'll be interested to gauge the interest of our general users on this feature.  Thanks for submitting it.


My understanding is that Canvas has integrated Rustici Software's Scorm Engine, which does have xAPI / cmi5 capabilities built in, including the LRS. The problem is that Scorm Engine is kind of a blank slate that requires some development to use many of the features. I'd like to re-raise the suggestion that Canvas add building this out as part of it's roadmap. It would open up a lot of ability to track learning events that occur outside of the LMS. 

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If they have integrated the Rustici Engine that is a great step forward.  Now if we can get it to support running xAPI modules like Storyline and Captivate and sending xAPI events that would be great.  We have our own LRS so all we need is to get those modules to send us xAPI events!!   Blackboard supports this capability.  

Learner II

Hi Patrick  @millerpc 

Would you mind sharing how you went about having your own LRS, please?

Do you export as xAPI and find results in your LRS?

Many thanks


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Sorry for this late reply.   Our school has gotten very interested in learning analytics and we found out there was an open source Learning Record Warehouse from the Apereo Foundation.  This LRW is compatible with both Caliper (IMS Global standard-same org that established LTI as integration standard)  and with xAPI.  With help of Unicon (higher ed consulting company), we built this LRW in our Amazon AWS instance.  We have successfully captured both types of data into our LRW which is essentially an LRS which can combine both types of data.  We wanted a repository that could store data not just from the LMS, but also other learning tools like Articulate Storyline, Captivate, H5P, etc.   I just heard at the last IMS Global meeting that Adobe (Captivate) will start supporting Caliper, but there are still many tools that emit xAPI or SCORM based data.  That is why we would like to see xAPI tools be natively supported in Canvas which we are now implementing on our campus.  Canvas supports Caliper directly for direct LMS events, but when you use a tool like Articulate Storyline to create a module, the activity in the tool has to be captured separately and right now Storyline only supports xAPI or SCORM.  Moodle supports xAPI modules directly through a plugin.  

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Wish this would be added to Canvas directly. With so much open source and template work already done it should be simple. Or at least make it an install package option. Aside from issue with the current Canvas SCORM LTI, it just has no real data for analytics that most folks would like.


I came here specifically to ask about xAPI implementation in Canvas.  If there is interest in data analytics there will be interest in using APIs that allow more robust data collection.  



Extremely interested in xAPI capabilities to send statements into Canvas from an external LRS.

Surveyor II

Commenting to say, yes! Very interested in Canvas-native LRS