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Add "Changes you made may not be saved" Warning When Editing Quizzes

Add "Changes you made may not be saved" Warning When Editing Quizzes

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There have been times where I've needed to reference another page on Canvas when making a quiz. Consequently, I've accidentally left the Quiz that I'm editing without saving. Yes, this is my own fault; however, it would be nice if Canvas added a "Changes you made may not be saved" WARNING if a user clicks away from a quiz they're editing. This warning pops up when you edit a PAGE without saving, so I was hoping that it could be added when editing quizzes. 

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Here's the alert that pops up if you try to click another link or leave the Canvas website if you haven't saved the PAGE you're working on. If Canvas could add this to quizzes, that would be awesome! 

2021-01-25 11.05.42 am.png

Community Team
Community Team
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@richard_ireland It's not clear whether you're using New Quizzes, but if you are, New Quizzes - RCE to match Canvas - Canvas Community  would be the best idea to support, as the RCE incorporates autosave capability. Our product teams are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Old (Classic) Quizzes, which is scheduled for deprecation.