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Add screen share function on tablet conference

Add screen share function on tablet conference

   It would be so nice to have the ability to screen share in a conference, from a tablet!

I've been trying to find a work around with no success, even Canvas tech support has no idea how to do this, though they agree they have had lots of people request it.


The issue is that if you run a conference from a tablet (Android or iOS) there is no screen share option.

I've been trying to find a way to run the conference from a laptop (has screen share function) and integrate a connected tablet as an shareable screen, with no luck.  (I need a whiteboard during conference).


Please vote, this seems like a no-brainer to me.

Community Coach
Community Coach

One trick/work around is to use an app that lets your tablet be a 2nd monitor on your computer.  With newer iPads you might be able to do this with SideCar.  My iPad just a little too old for that but I have an app named Duet which lets me use by iPad and/or iPhone even it as a second monitor.  While I've never tried it in a conference I have used it with apps like Photoshop to add touch screen capabilities to my Mac. I don't know of Android apps for using as a 2nd monitor but I bet they also exist.  


Community Member

What about between windows laptop and iPad?