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Adjust scores directly in the People navigation page

Adjust scores directly in the People navigation page

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When I have a student that needs excused absences for a couple weeks, I need to go into the gradebook to adjust the scores to EX for excused. It would be so much easier if I could just bring the student up in People and adjust the grades right there!!

I am an instructor with 450 students. A month into classes, I already have exported gradefields up to HI, so over 100 entries already since I run 18 sections with four weekly grades. My gradebook is organized but takes scrolling through to find all the gradefields for their section. 

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Community Team
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and perhaps a way to choose sorting options for the grade book. "most recently Due" Most recently assigned"  First assignment first or last assignment first  (most recent first.)  I would like to have a sort option, but if not, then the most recent assignment should be the first shown in the grade book.  (sorting options would be great)