Allow Students Full Screen View of Rubric Scores

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I was conferencing with a student about how important it is for them to go back and examine the rubric to see why they got the grade that they received, when suddenly I saw the students' perspective. Sure, on the GRADES page, they can see a decent version of their scoring rubric revealed.

Hoewever, on the Assignment Submission Details page, when they click on "Show Rubric" they have a tiny 3x5 index card size view of the rubric. A student has to do internal horizontal and vertical scrolling back and forth to find out what the criteria was, and then find out what score they received on each criteria. This is mind boggling. We can do better for students! I encourage more teachers to go look at what the students actually see on their screen when they click to "Show Rubric" in the Submission Details page. 

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@supermarnick I just checked on my dummy student account.  (on Firefox - browser difference maybe) When I go to the assignment navigation link and select an assignment, I can click on the view rubric link.  The view of the rubric I have is full sized (display width of Canvas) and not just a small block.

You did not mention how the student was viewing the information.  I do know that there are different views that come up based on looking at a course on a phone versus a computer.


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Yes, there are a couple of places where students can view feedback in a rubric. All of them should have an option to enlarge the rubric so they can more easily read comments. Many teachers use the rubric to write very detailed comments and it would be a great help for them to be more visible to students.