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Allow Zoom class links to be unpublished to students.

Allow Zoom class links to be unpublished to students.

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Allow Zoom class links to be unpublished to students.  This is causing issues with Faculty for class zoom links being auto published.  Faculty like the ease of using Zoom publishing module within Canvas but would like more control over links and videos.


Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open

Hi @JKyleRosenblad -

There is currently an Idea for the second idea you proposed, and it's open for conversation. I hope you share your story and use cases in that thread and rate (star) the Idea.Zoom Cloud Recording Automatic Publishing 

So this thread can be opened for conversation, this part was removed from your original post. This way, the Community can focus on one new feature and help define its need. Thanks!

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Thank you Kristin.  I'm not sure if this is an option in the Zoom LTI Pro integration just as there is an All or Published options in the LTI for Zoom Recordings.  Currently, I am asking our Zoom admins for that answer.

Not a lot more to share.  It would be helpful to be able to turn off published zoom links in Canvas so as to not confuse students that a course is appearing to be offered as a hybrid course when it is actually just an in person course.  But, to also leverage off the LTI Zoom publishing functionality within Canvas.  It takes a little burden off manual publishing of Zoom links for the prof.s.

Thank you!