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Announcement option in Groups

Announcement option in Groups

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We are finding that students are adding inappropriate content to teacher sites by going to Groups and clicking the +Announcement button in the top right corner. Is there a way to prevent students from doing that? In the Settings for the class, I see that we can prevent student from attaching files to discussions or from even creating discussion topics. Why is there not an option to prevent students from creating announcements?

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It would be beneficial for K-12 schools to have the ability to shut off student-created announcements and discussions in student groups.  We have students posting inappropriate content using both announcement and discussions in Student Groups.  

Community Team
Community Team
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I'm having a similar issue and am frustrated because I want the ability to have groups but not let them post announcements because a few students are using this and posting inappropriate things. It would be amazing to "mute" a single student's ability to post announcements in the group pages.  


We would love to see this feature as well.  There are always one or two students who can't be trusted with the ability to create announcements. I love the idea of being able to mute specific students, but would be happy if we could just eliminate the option for all. Especially at the K-12 level.