Are there any plans to include a bulk "Show Question Details" option for Item Banks?


When viewing the content of an item bank, instructors must click the Expand Item Details button for each individual question to display the response options. By contrast, Classic Quizzes offered the ability to bulk display question details. 

Are there any plans to include an "Expand All" option or similar at the top of Item Bank pages? It may seem like a small omission but being able to bulk expand question details is very helpful to instructors. Losing this option does not make it easy to find and adjust response options in large banks (CTRL+F is not as effective without the ability to fully expand all questions).

Item Bank (New)

Item Bank Page.png


Question Banks (Classic)

Quiz Bank Page.png

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I sure hope so, adding that feature would make the New Quizzes question banks a bit more functional. It's such a pain to have to expand each question individually to get to the one I need to edit.

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Many teachers in our school district have noticed and asked about this!   

These simple time-saving features really help teachers buy in and use the item bank feature.  If it is too much work to create, teachers will not use it.   make it easy for teachers to do the right thing and use the item bank feature.

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Hi Brian, 

Thanks for sharing your experience about this. Instructors definitely notice when features like this are missing. I know that one pain point for our instructors who used Classic was that they couldn't expand all questions if there were more than 25 on the page.

If Item Banks will not have bulk expand functionality at all, then it really would be a missed opportunity to improve over Classic.

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