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Not to compare LMSs inappropriately since they're different, but in Moodle I could choose whether to make students submit assignments by pressing "submit", or to let student drafts be automatically submitted without pressing submit. It sure would be nice to have that option so I didn't get so many emails from students saying that they did it, they just forgot the press submit.

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I agree and it would be nice to be advised that you will have to submit by hitting the submit button. Being an active student automatically sending assignments are so much easier to me. An education website that my school uses was down for a week shouldn't we have an extra week to turn in those assignments? I'm trying to get some feedback because me being the student It really bites. lol


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Oh wow.  I'm brand new to Canvas, and I had no idea Canvas didn't auto-submit drafts for students when a deadline is reached.  Yikes.  It should do this!

My old system (Sakai) did this, and it was pretty frequent that I would get auto-submitted quizzes for student, that is, quizzes that students began but didn't finish before the deadline.  At least that way, students would get some points for their work that they did do, e.g. if they got 2/3 the way through a quiz before abandoning it (or forgetting about it), then they'd at least get points for their correct answers in that 2/3 they did.

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I'm trying to get some feedback because me being the student It really bites.





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Hi Product Team!

Current behavior:

Given that I am a student on the "Assignments" page, 

When I click the "next" button 

Then I am taken to the next assignment, without the files that I have uploaded in the current assignment not submitted. 


Desired behavior:

As a student

I want to be able to submit my assignment by clicking next

So that I can submit my assignment and move to the next assignment in the queue.

Given that I have uploaded a file in the assignment page

When I click "next",

Then the uploaded file will follow the behavior of the "submit" button AND take me to the next assignment.


Would save the heartache and headache please of the use cases where a student clicks "next" and their assignments are "uploaded" into the assignment page, but NOT submitted. 

Here for more feedback or discussion on UI or UX 🙂 

Thank you!



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