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Although other posts in my keyword check (listing below) evidence the need for more flexible options to export work done in Canvas rubrics for outside use (for accreditation, incomplete grades that need to be revised a year later, or for co-teaching as a back-up in case one instructor overwrites the other instructor's grading input since there is no easy collaborative-teaching grading possibilities), I do not yet see a solution to this problem. The rubric tool in Canvas helpfully provides spaces for criteria-specific comments. However, there is no way to easily download / save external to the speed grader the comments an instructor (or two) may spend hours filling into this rubric.

Sometimes instructors do not, or for file size, cannot, download all of a course's assignments *and* comments--and it is not clear if rubric-comments are *ever* batch downloadable. It is frustrating to be unable to have the comments for a class assignment. Typing them in a separate program and pasting them into the rubric allows instructors to save such data but defeats the point of grading in Canvas.

The problem is also articulated here:

Especially in the case of team-teaching, but also for general file keeping (again: thinking of all the recent "incompetents" due to covid now coming paid), it would be beneficial to have this option. It is frustrating to feel like my work is made inaccessible due to our learning management software choice.

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Download Assignment Comments and Completed Rubrics 

Option to download the student submission AND the SpeedGrader comments)

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Agree this would be a helpful feature. We have assignments that if the grade is not-satisfactory students can resubmit. While we appreciate being able to copy the first assignment rubric and comments over to the resubmission it would be better in record keeping to have the first and second rubric both saved and viewable by instructors. Currently the first rubric marks are lost to instructor records once the resubmission is marked. It's also a challenge to figure out how to download the marked rubric for the first submission to keep a record.

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