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Blueprint: show a warning when changing content in an associated course

Blueprint: show a warning when changing content in an associated course

Where a course is associated to a Blueprint template, we have had some teachers intentionally or unintentionally make edits to Pages and Files from the Blueprint template, where those Pages were not locked by the Blueprint teacher.

When the Blueprint teacher later makes an update to that Page in the Blueprint template, this update cannot be synchronised into the Associated Course, because the Associated Course teacher has edited that Page and overridden the Blueprint Page.

This feature request suggests that a warning is displayed to the Associated Course teacher, when they try to edit a Page or other content that came from a Blueprint template.

This would alert the teacher that their edit will mean that the content cannot be synced from the Blueprint template in the case of future template changes.

I suggest wording such as: "Warning - this page has been synced from the Blueprint template. If you edit it, you will no longer be able to receive changes made in the Blueprint. Are you sure you want to edit this page?"

Currently, it is easy to inadvertently make a small change or even just 'Save' the content, and later find that your content is now unsynchronised from the Blueprint with no way to re-attach it to receive the latest Blueprint template version.