C4E - Requesting "Assignments" Tab

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This is a request specifically for "Canvas for Elementry". 

Teachers are currently able to add/remove - "Schedule", "Grades", "Modules", "Resources",  "Groups" from their Home page using Canvas Settings. However,  the ability to add/remove "Assignments" is missing from the navigation tab in Settings.  Teachers can add a link manually to their homepage. However, this is not as easy to find and use for students. 

Students have access if they manually edit the URL bar to: https://pcsd.instructure.com/courses/XXXXXXX/ assignments

This is what we would like to see:

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 1.23.29 PM.png

Community Team
Community Team
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This would be a great addition to Elementary Canvas. It puts it right at the students fingertips. Thank you!

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Having the assignment tab on the main course page would be good as long as a teacher is putting all their content onto an assignment page.  If they use pages for students to access content, then having the assignment tab would give students the opportunity to do assignments without viewing content.  It might be better to give teachers the option to add it to a course if they want to have it there.  Not a one for all tab.

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Students need to be able to access assignments, especially when they are not able to be at school. We have an expectation that students do work when they are missing school. This would be a huge help. 

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I like this ideas as an option for teachers. It makes sense for sure on the Elementary Canvas and would be helpful for students.