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Calendar Events for Individual Student Groups

Calendar Events for Individual Student Groups


I am looking for a way to see, as a teacher, the appointment I set up on group homepages. When I make an event for some of my reading groups, I can't see it on my big calendar, so it is hard to keep track of it. I do a great deal of differentiated group teaching, so I would like to have a way to create an event for certain students, that only they can see on the calendar.

Community Member

I too am looking for this feature to be added!! Please Canvas this would be so helpful. From the student's view it is incredibly efficient but it is very limiting on our instructor view. 

Community Champion

Agree. We can create a calendar event for only one section in a class (or different times for each section), maybe add student groups to this choice.  It is pretty easy to set up a group set with one on one groups, which would also allow creating calendar events for individual students. 

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