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Canvas Commons Update Warning

Canvas Commons Update Warning

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A faculty member I support updated a template the department placed in the Canvas Commons. This change overwrote her current course content. When prompted to update there was no warning that material would be overwritten or lost. If a warning about what is going to change or be overwritten can be more prominent this would be helpful for instructors. The instructor lost 2 semesters of work and updates because of the template update. If materials already exist to help Canvas users know more about what will change from an update to Commons resources please share. Thank you. 

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi Ann,

This doesn't change the validity of your request... but

If that content is in the beta environment or test environment it's possible to be exported before it's completely lost. Beta refreshes every Saturday evening, test once a month.

Try, navigate to the course and export it. Import it back to production in a new course shell or workroom.