Canvas Notifications: Stop Annotation Notifications for Peer Review Assignments


I use Submission Comments as a way to engage with students and receive their feedback about assignments, so I need to use notify immediately for Submission Comments. However, now that Canvas combines annotation and submission comment notifications under "Submission Comment," this issue has resulted in receiving an email notification each time a student completes an annotated comment in a Canvas Peer Review assignment.

Even if I change the Submission Comment to a daily summary, there will still be numerous notifications to scroll through to see if a student made a comment in the submission comments section. 


  • Similar to how Canvas made a change regarding the annotation assignment submission, the same process should be implemented for Canvas Peer Reviews. In most cases, I envision faculty do not want to be notified each time a student makes one annotated comment in a peer review assignment.


  • Add "Annotation Comment" as its own notification in the Canvas Notifications menu. 
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I fully agree. It gets rather tiresome having to turn off my notifications when my students are doing peer reviews, then turn notifications back on when they finish. 

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I agree. I like receiving immediate emails when a student comments on an assignment; however, when my students are doing peer reviews, getting an email every time they leave feedback pointlessly fills up my email inbox. I have to go and change my notifications to daily when I assign peer reviews, then switch it back afterward. 

Please separate out the Peer Review comments from other forms of commenting. 

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Agreed!  Even for students, they should be able to get a notification of my Submission comments on their assignment, but turn off notifications for every annotation I make while grading in the Canvas app on a File Upload assignment.

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To be clear this is not just a faculty issue!  Students are getting flooded with notifications too, it appears that the fixes so far have only addressed the notifications for faculty and aren't addressing them from the student side. 

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Hello I want to reiterate the comments related to students. I have been informed that students are getting flooded with emails when an instructor in annotating their assignment. Please adjust the notifications so that annotating notifications do not send individual emails to any groups.

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I just found out from a student that they receive separate emails whenever I add annotations to an assignment in SpeedGrader. Students have never mentioned this before so I don't know if something changed in Canvas or if the issue was just never brought up.

I rely on annotations to provide feedback on students' assignments, and will often include dozens of annotations per student assignment. I do not want my students' inboxes to be flooded because of how I give feedback.

Is there anyway to disable this, or to only give one notification per day that an annotation was added? They don't need to receive separate messages for each annotation I make, one per day is plenty. Something like, "Your assignment recently received new annotation(s) today, click here to view". 

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