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Studio currently offers the option for users to download videos, and when a user downloads a screen recording, it comes in the MP4 format. However, when a user downloads a webcam video, it comes in the WEBM format. The WEBM format is less known and less flexible than MP4. It would be nice if Canvas was consistent and offered both in the MP4 format. Moreover, if an institution stops using Studio, its faculty will need to download all of their videos, and the MP4 format would be more helpful.

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Community Team
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I recently came across this file type issue as well. One work-around is to select "Screen Capture" when starting your recording from the studio page.


Then, once in the screen recorder software, select "Webcam" instead of "Screen" or "Both" and you can record a webcam video that will upload to studio that will be downloadable in the .mp4 format.


Hope that helps.