Capacity to edit Invitation to course/Canvas email


Hi Canvas team,

I see in Canvas Community there are various requests to be able to customise the automatic email which is issued to invite new users to Canvas or a course. This would also be very helpful for us. In particular, we would like to be able to make clear to students that when they hit 'create' to create a new Canvas account, that they will be creating a new password, and are not expected to know the password when prompted. The current wording does not make this clear to less digitally savvy users.

I would also appreciate you letting me know if this update is implemented.

Thank you,


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Instructure Alumni
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This would be very helpful. We 'invite' newly deposited students to an Orientation 'course' and it would be great if we could customize the email. At the moment there is no way for a new student to even know that the email pertains to our university. 

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I too think this would be very beneficial. The discovery page is our work around, but we would like to edit the course invitation email.

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