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Change Page to Assignment

Change Page to Assignment


It would be great if I could reformat a page that I created.  For example, I would like to be able to convert a "page" to an "assignment" and an "assignment" to a "page."  So if that feature could be added to the EDIT, that would be awesome!  

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This would be extremely helpful.  Copying and pasting is so tedious and if there are links involved, that's a whole other monster.  I would love to see this implemented.  

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I agree!

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I agree with this too!  

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I would also appreciate the ability to convert a page to an assignment. Copy and paste doesn’t work well with imbedded images.

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That would be so helpful and save a ton of time.

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This would be a great feature!

To those of you trying to copy and paste, if you use the html code it works better 🙂

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I agree as well! This would save me a ton of time this year especially.

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I've got a centrally made course that has all the content made up from assignments. There are 93 assignments- all with submission instructions. I don't know about you, but I don't assess my 45 students almost every time that I see them. I'm currently trudging my way through copying and pasting all of these assignments to turn them into pages. I'd much rather be creating new resources, such as writing quizzes feedback to students can self-test. I also think there would be a lot of people who set things up in a particular way, then changed their minds. Surely it can't be too hard to change the status of an assignment to a page? Just wipe the submission details and leave it to teachers to edit the content window appropriately.

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This would be great. I have several instructors who share resources, but where one has it as an assignment, another would love to simply have the information as a page. They aren't comfortable with html to copy and paste back and forth, and there are too many separate items so that it would be time consuming to do so anyway. 

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I agree! I wish there was an option to switch between a page & an assignment & vice versa!

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I would like to have the ability to change a page to an assignment as well as be able to change an assignment to a page.  It would be beneficial to be able to change any of these options (i.e. page to file, file to page, etc).

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If I'm typing up instructions and want to, for example, change from a "page" to an "assignment," etc, we should be able to do so at least before publishing it. As I'm editing, sometimes I realize that I could have my kids respond in a textbox but I can't change the type of "thing" I'm adding to a module. 

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Please, please, please allow us to change the type of things we have created! As we are all learning we need to make adjustments and the ability to modify an existing Assignment to a Page would save me hours of time.



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I would like to add to this idea and ask that we be allowed to change between different assignment types. Sometimes I want my students to respond to the same prompts but on a discussion board instead of submitting a solo assignment. We should be able to change these things instead of having to recreate, copy+paste, etc. 

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To build on what @ballh  wrote ...

I've had great success with copy/paste as long as I just go into edit mode before selecting the content -- I don't even need to go to HTML view. Copy/paste from view mode definitely breaks a lot of things.