Collapse and Expand All for groups


Having collapse all and expand all buttons for groups would be helpful. It's tedious to go through each group, open it, add people, etc. instead of being able to open them all at once.

In general, collapse/expand all buttons in many places would be useful. 

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Instructure Alumni
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Yes, absolutely! I often need to figure out which group a student is in and have to open up 13 groups before finding the one s/he is in. Please add an open all button or some other way to see all of the group members for each group.

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When updating groups, previously expanded groups become collapsed when the page refreshes, which can be frustrating.  Also, allowing searching of groups like students can do.  I often need to search for students in groups and currently all groups must be manually expanded to do this.

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Yes, I'm teaching a class with 43 groups right now, and it takes at least a full minute of clicking the little triangles to expand them all just so I can search for a student's name to see what group they're in. Either the default should be expanded or, preferably, there should just be an "expand all" button. 

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Agree, a search function and expand all would be very appreciated. I am teaching a class with 40+ groups now, very tedious to find students in groups.

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