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Color code Categories in Grades for Student view

Color code Categories in Grades for Student view

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When looking at a student's grades and assignments, you are forced to hover the mouse over the assignment to see what category it is in. I suggest either color code the assignment categories or somehow permanently labeling assignment category when the grades are arranged by categories.



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Even when you sort the assignments by category, there's no break to see the different groups.  In addition to color-coding,  adding a column displaying the category name would be helpful. 

This is really important when a teacher drops scores in a category. Today I had a student ask me why a grade of 100% was dropped when the score of 90% wasn't. When I looked into it, they were from two different groups. The homework scores were all 100%, so that's why it was dropped. 

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I agree, there needs to be an easy way for students to know which assignment is in which category.  It would be great if it was indicated on the assignment submission page too.

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This would be a fantastic feature! 

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I would love the option to color code my different groups/categories and so the gradebook so that whole column is highlighted that color. It would make it much easier to see the assessments vs. the classwork etc.  

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I would like it if we could make the title bars of assignments on the grade page different colors. We have different categories of assignments and I believe that it would help us organize better by category as well as be able to find a particular assignment group faster when on the grades page. In fact, if we could colorize the title bars of the assignments themselves, it would also help the students to organize better and find assignments easier as well. Being able to color code assignments would be a great help overall.