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When using modules, I would like to be able to differentiate some of my posts by using a different color of writing.  Please add the ability to have colored Headers and titles. 

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There is not one.  However, you can use LaTex on the title for the header to make it look however you want.  Information is contained in previous posts in this question

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Your tips on page two of this conversation gave some versatility in labeling text headers.  The codes you listed worked, although not quite 100% of what I was aiming for (I would like the option to have the entire text header bar colored, not just the words highlighted.)   At any rate, I was happy to have some options in laying out module components, but sadly the formats do not translate to the app versions.  Instead, the actual LaTex code is displayed, which is confusing to my app users.

Thank you so much for offering the codes - a lot of fun to play around with.  Ultimately, I'm hoping to see some fixes in the apps to support LaTex as well as the option to color code headers, module titles and other components in the modules page.  


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@amy_koger -

Thanks for the information.  I never use the phone app, so I was unaware of that issue.  I imagine that would be confusing to students if they saw all the latex encoding.

I am a dinosaur when it comes to using phones for everything - I know it is easy and convenient, but for a class, I would never think of doing something on my phone.  None of my students have complained about how they can't find information or how things look on my canvas page.  So maybe they realize they have to use a computer and never complain.


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On 11-02-2020, Community member deCheubell, said it better than I could.   I teach at the university level and accessibility is one of the primary reasons we chose Canvas.   But, there has to be a happy medium.   Do we penalize 90% for the 10% who are color blind?   Or is it that screen readers also have difficulty reading colorized heading?    

I have lengthy modules with many slide decks, journal articles, etc.   I am learning to use emojis to mark the difference between reading assignments, submitted assignments, and course resources, but color would be a nice touch to add to the text headers.  



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@GingerBehnke -

I went to read what @deCheubell said - and I agree with his point of view.  You have to take into account all types of visibility/readability issues and not just focus on one.  I teach at a University level, and not one student in 20+ years has ever informed me that they are color blind and cannot read something I posted.  However, I think that is because the students do not want to tell me that issue.  I imagine it would be even worse for a K-12 student unless the parent steps in (which they should).

If you decide to go the route of LaTex to add colorization to the modules - as well as with emojis (my experience with emojis is although you may see the emoji in color, other computers/browsers or the phone may not get the colorized version) you may want to check out the following:

I found it looking for "what colors work best for color blind people" or something like that.

As for colorizing an entire heading box @amy_koger mentioned may be possible with the correct latex code - or you could setup the text highlight color, put in the text followed by a large number of spaces to make it appear as if the heading bar is colorized.


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@GingerBehnke  I never considered colorblind students even though I haven't come across one yet, as far as I know. I really was looking to color-code for my own benefit. I have ADHD and Dyslexia and color-coding would make things so much easier for me to track assignments. However, I do love the emoji idea and I will steal that from you ASAP 🤙.