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Dashboard View Options

Dashboard View Options

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Many students have trouble keeping up with their coursework, especially when taking on a heavy class load. I enjoy the "List View" option on the dashboard, however, it only shows activities that are due on that day. I believe that it would be a great help to many students to have an option that would allow the dashboard to show activities on the day they are opened to the students.

Essentially, instead of Thursday's activities being due on Thursday, the additional dashboard option would show activities that are now open on Thursday. This would allow students to stay ahead of their work, help with their time management between courses, and overall make the dashboard more personalized to each student, boosting the positive interactions on the program.

I know that I am not the only student that has noticed how the current "List View" dashboard setting can lead to only completing assignments on the day they are due. I believe this simple addition would improve the function of Canvas/Instructure, and increase the efficiency of students.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open