Dyslexie font for dyslexic folks - A setting option to change the font display?

I was wondering if it would be possible in Canvas to have an option, maybe in Settings, for anyone who is using it, to change the display of the overall font to the Dyslexie font? Like the general display / UI in Canvas?
Or, for someone to have the option to change the Canvas display font to font that dyslexic folks have an easier time reading? Currently, the Canvas site has a sans serif font, which seems to be preferable for dyslexic folks. Maybe looking in to if there are other fonts that are also helpful?
Maybe there could be 3 to 5 different fonts to choose from?
Here are a couple links to information about why the Dyslexie font was designed. It was designed by a dyslexic person, Christian Boer. The video link below is a TED talk, by Christian. It greatly expanded upon my very base knowledge of dyslexia. He does a great job talking about how dyslexia works, why most fonts are difficult for dyslexic folks to read, and how his font helps people.
How a font can help people with dyslexia to read | Christian Boer | TEDxFultonStreet
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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broad discussion, here are a few near-term possibilities to consider.

  • Canvas admins can potentially implement the user choice option you've described; the Q&A over at User specific CSS selection to utilize the Dyslexie font details the setup process.
  • A Canvas admin can customize the global theme for the account to include additional font choices for an institution, and the Rich Content Editor allows the content creator to select a font from the Format dropdown, so this might be a separate option worth pursuing with the local admin.


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I love that you have added different fonts. Have you thought about Dislexia Font. It would be a huge help for those students who struggle with Dislexia. 

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