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E-mail Confirmation Upon Assignment Submission

E-mail Confirmation Upon Assignment Submission

It would be very useful to have Canvas generate an automated e-mail response when I submit an assignment through the assignment page. This is a feature that my University's legacy system had in place and was very beneficial, especially when issues with submission arose, the e-mail confirmation was a nice comfort blanket to know that my assignment had successfully submitted.
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I agree with most comments above. Each year I have several cases in which students argue that they have uploaded their assignment despite the lack of a submitted assignment in Canvas. A confirmation email would help students to check whether their upload was indeed successful. 


Students are having issues with assignments not being submitted in Canvas.  The submission button doesn't always work or you don't know if something got submitted.  One reason the button is not working is  becuase when a student opens up a Google Cloud assignment in a new window the assignment can get "timed out" and their work cannot be submitted once timed out.  Then the student work ends up blank and students don't realize that Canvas created a folder (school name) in their Google drive with this completed assignment as back-up.

Please make it so there is a screen that appears, after a students submits an assignment, saying that an assignment has been confirmed as submitted.


Send an email after submitting the homework or exam. The emails can be used as a backup and evidence for teachers and students.


Faculty have a Notification option to receive email notifications for All Submissions. Since we regularly have students claim that they have submitted an assignment yet the instructor isn't finding a submission for the student in SpeedGrader, it would be great to have the submission also trigger a Notification for students as confirmation of the submission.

We are looking forward to the Assignment Enhancements feature coming down the pipe, and I think that will go a long way in helping students know when they have officially submitted their work, but it would be great to allow students to get assignment submission notifications - not just faculty who, in my experience, rarely enable these notifications.