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Email Capability within Student Grade Overview

Email Capability within Student Grade Overview

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When checking students' grades, I often select their name from the grade book to review their coursework. It would be nice if you could email that individual student from their grade overview page. It is a bit tedious to go into the inbox, then select "compose a new message" then select the class, and then find the specific student you want to message. It would be really nice if that student's overview page (the "Grades for _____" page) just had a button that allowed you to message the student. 

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this feedback. When an instructor is in the full Gradebook view, they can click on the student's name to reveal the student's context card at the right, and the instructor can send a message to the student directly from there without leaving the Gradebook (for details, see How do I view a student's Grades page in a course ...). Have you checked that possibility out?