Enable Scaled Grading for Quizzes


I am a teacher and need to be able to scale quiz grades, not just auto-import the raw score.

The automatic tools are useless to me without this functionality as I need to review every test/quiz and score it by hand, and manually transfer the grade to the gradebook.

Example of scaled grading for 5 question quiz:

#Correct - Points (Grade)
5 = 10 (A+)
4 = 9 (A-)
3 = 8.5 (B)
2 = 7.5 (C)
1 = 6.5 (D)
0/Attempted = 50%

This is a relatively common modern practice in education.
It should be an option that can be enabled and customized in Canvas Quizzes (Classic & New).

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I agree.

Canvas NOT being able to make simple calculations is very troubling.  Having a lot of trouble getting help on how to put in a ticket, work order, or notification about this topic of "Scaling" grades.

Anybody have any luck?

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