Export Notes column from Gradebook

Please include Notes column in the Gradebook Export file. They are an excellent way of adding details about students that staff need to be aware of.

It would be  great if the notes column could be included in the export file so notes can be edited in bulk and then upgraded back to the gradebook. The notes column should remain sortable as is the current Gradebook.

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An import/export of notes would be an interesting feature added to the new Gradebook. 

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This would be great! I had a teacher today who adds a great deal of notes in the sidebar of Speedgrader. She was asking about saving that file after the year is over and wanted to print them out. I suggested the csv export and when we saw that data didn't come over, we were disappointed. That information will be lost forever!! Adding a column in the csv export would do the trick! Instead we will do a browser print where we can see a pdf of the screen. Not ideal.

Hope this gets a little more attention!

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