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Export csv with student groups and emails

Export csv with student groups and emails

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It would be great if we could get a csv of students with associated groups / group sets so that the same groups used in Canvas could be imported and assigned to breakout rooms in Zoom and other conferencing software. This could be accomplished by adding students' assigned groups and emails as a field in the Grades export so they could easily be sorted and copied into the csv templates of other software.

To facilitate the process of going the other way (adding Zoom breakout rooms to Canvas as groups) it would make the groups tool better overall if there were a way to move multiple students in and out of groups easily by selecting multiple students.

Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. Please add your comments to the discussion underway at Group Roster Export. We've archived this one to prevent duplication and keep the conversation unified in one spot.


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Yes, a simple user friendly way to convert students into zoom breakout rooms would be fantastic at an least export file