Folders for Assignments, Pages, Quizzes etc.!


Lord, please! I so need some organization with this product. Why can't I have some folders and subfolders in the assignment and pages area (really all areas quizzes, discussions, etc.) As I build my Canvas page new pages or assignments come up and replace the old but I don't want to delete the old stuff. I may use them again. But I can't deal with all the clutter!! Yes, I could move them to a sandbox course but come on....a folder makes so much sense and then I won't forget about anything moved out of the course! It can't be that hard, can it? 

Please Canvas gods, make my wish come true and help this ADD teacher! 


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Hi @annespinoza -

I did some searching, and I found a set of ideas that were submitted by other Community members that outline the same wishes as you! Because of this, I'm going to mark this thread as Archived. This is to consolidate our efforts and the conversations. 

Assignment Folders 

Allow folders in Pages 


I did not find a request for Folders in Quizzes, and if you'd like, you can create an idea specifically for that feature. I'm sure you are not the only instructor who would find it helpful.