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Full office 365 Integration

Full office 365 Integration

I'd like to see Microsoft Teams and Skype for business integrated into Canvas.

Learner II

Integrating Microsoft Teams might help in groups or group work. 


Thank you for your feedback. This idea will be handled as an informative idea for partner integrations, but not so much for a Canvas change.  Our partnership team is always happy to help if a partner has questions.

Community Member

I guess this is an LTI development project for Microsoft. Hopefully, Instructure can encourage them to prioritize this integration.

Adventurer This would be great but I do think that the current O365 is still has a few issues that need resolved fully before another O365 integration is developed. 

Adventurer Microsoft Teams would be excellent for collaboration or as an alternative group tool.

Adventurer II

I notice that Moodle now has integration with Teams -

Disappointing that this has not developed, howeveras‌ mentions, there are still so many things that need to be improved with the O365 integration..