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Grade Sync

Grade Sync

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Why do I have to sync my grade to see the sync history? I want to be able to access this information without having to sync again every time. 

Community Team
Community Team
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Try going to your course settings > Navigation > enable Grade Sync and save.  Then you should have a link along your course navigation to take you to the grade sync view where you can see your sync history. 

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That will do it, thank you!

Community Champion

I don't believe this works. When I added Grade Sync to the navigation, the message only said, Go to Gradebook to sync grades.

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This isn't happening automatically. 

Please make this a feature. When a grade goes into Canvas it should also go into the grading program. Automatically. We all thought this was happening, but it isn't. 

Until then, somewhere you can see all the classes you teach and grade sync all of them with one button. 

Mine have sync'd sometimes, other times not. I initiate, it fails. Unless I am looking at the grade sync history I can't see that it didn't go through.