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I hid my "grades" tab from students on my Canvas page but they were still able to access my grade roster by going to another class's unhidden grades tab and using the drop down menu to switch to my class. They could then view my grade roster, which I wanted hidden. Students could also view my hidden grade roster by going to their dashboards and clicking "view grades" and then selecting my class even though my "grades" tab was supposedly hidden.

I am suggesting a setting to "turn off" or "hide" the gradebook completely from students. This will allow professors to work on their gradebook without students viewing it.

Idea originates from Vincent Bonini and the Math Department at Cal Poly.

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In addition to disabling the Grades tab from their course navigation, instructors can hide grade totals from their students in the "more options" area of course Settings, as detailed in How do I use course settings?

If the instructor's use case is to hide grades from students only during the period when he is working on assessing their assignments, he can use Post Policies to hide and show grades; that process is detailed in How do I use posting policies in a course?

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