Increasing the naming options for the Canvas Quiz tool


The Canvas Quiz tool is one of my favorite elements in Canvas. However, 95% of the time I don't want to use it for quizzes or tests. Instead, I use it as an interactive learning activity.

For example, in the "quiz instruction" area, I may put a little content or context. Then, when the student clicks on "Take the Quiz," the first question may have them do some sort of activity or ask a question that they respond to such as typing out a solution, etc. Then in the next question, I may provide feedback, etc. In short, the Canvas quiz tool is great for creating learning and feedback cycles. 

There is one problem, it is called a quiz. 

I would love it if Canvas offered the flexibility to rename certain buttons and elements within a quiz so that the quiz tool can serve as both a quiz/test function and also a platform for creating engaging learning activities.

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I agree! I created an ungraded survey, but it still says quiz, so I know my students are going to freak out over that. I expect at least a dozen emails questioning whether it will affect their grade.

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I have the same problem for the same reason.

And, if it is impractical to make the button text editable, it could be simplified to "Begin" and "Submit" --which would work for both lessons and quizzes.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to either rename the quiz section entirely, or create a duplicate section and rename it, as well as renaming individual "quizzes".


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We love the ease of using Canvas' built-in quiz assignments as it allows students to answer questions easily without the added steps of downloading and uploading answer sheets.  However, it would be fantastic if we had the options of "Worksheet" or "Assessment" as the type of assignment rather than only having the option for a quiz.  It is confusing for students to see the word quiz on an assignment that isn't meant to be summative.  

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