Indicate if file in module is available to students (i.e., warn if in unpublished folder)


Indicate if a file or other item is within an unpublished folder. A number of times, I've added a file to a module, published it there, and published the module, only to find out a few days later that the students can't see it because the file is in an unpublished folder. (Yes, I know I can check with the Student View, but I don't remember to do that every time I add something.)

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If instructors embed an image in an assignment description, and that image is unviewable by students, faculty members should be warned when that assignment is saved or published.

Here's my scenario: 

I have an uploaded image in a folder in the Files area.

I embed that image in an assignment description and publish the assignment.

But it turns out that the image is in a folder in the Files area that is unpublished (which I learned today is the default when you import folders from another course).

So as the instructor, *I* see the image in the assignment description and everything looks fine.  But when students go to that assignment, they see a big "lock" icon.  The only way I could have known about this would have been to switch to Student View. 

A better system would flag embedded images that aren't visible to students ... either when saving or publishing the assignment.

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This problem is particularly problematic because when you import files and folders from another course, Canvas makes the folder unpublished by default.  Every time I've had this problem, that was the cause.

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