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Integration of QuizIZZ practice & assessments in Canvas - Is there an LTI team at Instructure?

Integration of QuizIZZ practice & assessments in Canvas - Is there an LTI team at Instructure?

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I'm a teacher and good at getting stuff done.  Please, can someone on the LTI team at Instructure to contact me and then I will start work with the people at the amazing quiz website quizizz dot COM..

The canvas quiz tools are ok.   I've tried so many quiz tools. I ran my own moodle server 2004 and up.

Quizizz is by far the best for my students.  QuizIZZ is even loved by kids who do not process fast but have deep and profound thoughts.  QuizIZZ has so many good things for all my students...    Kahoot is punishment for so many learning styles.  Kahoot rewards risk taking and random prizes over reflection....

  - I would pay with my own blood or plasma or take out more student loans to get an LTI going so that quizIZZ has linked user accounts with Canvas.  It can start out just simple, Linked user accounts. I don't even need embedding or a grade book data exchange.   

Right now the benefit of QuizIZZ is the system saves scores if kids have a network failure mid quiz.  That works so awesome.  It also allows kids to pause a quiz for learning at home .   We all need mental health breaks.   I used to use the google classroom links to QuizIZZ but then that caused the pause/resume feature to fail.    So over the last 4 years I have my students use the Google BUttons to register. This means no new password, but that extra registration could be avoided with an LTI.

Thanks for listening.  J  

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I would love to see a Quizizz integration!

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Please make this integration happen!  We need this ASAP!!!!

Community Team
Community Team
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Since this is something that Canvas cannot develop, it is not something we can move forward to another stage. You may want to share this in the Developers Group or you could share with the QuizIZZ team to see if this is something they are interested in developing themselves.