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Lets get built in 3D Model viewing

Lets get built in 3D Model viewing

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I assign students to create 3D Models in TinkerCAD, Fusion360 and other programs. They then submit their completed models through canvas. 

At present I have to download the files individually and open them on the computer to view them. Which clutters up my computer with these files, and takes precious time waiting for the download to initiate (several seconds multiplied across a hundred students adds up quick), etc. 

A built in viewer would be especially helpful to quickly view the model and provide feedback. Filetypes such as STL and OBJ are particularly common and would be rendered pretty easily depending on the size of the files.

Icing on the cake would be adding text comments directly onto the rendering to comment about specific portions of the model (not actually, making 3D edits, just annotating similar to the annotation features for images that are uploaded).

Community Team
Community Team
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We've moved this idea forward for further discussion as a request to support OBJ and STL file types in DocViewer. However, the "icing on the cake" part of the idea description would most likely need to be developed as a partnership integration with each application provider individual, as commenting on different parts of a video during playback would require additional contributions from the provider themselves—so not quite the same as enabling comments on a static PNG or JPG upload.


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These features would be really useful for us in the School of Dentistry, as we want to use 3D STL files to allow students to make denture designs and then upload them for assessment and feedback from their academic supervisors.