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Make the text of Submit Button in Assignments align more with the type of assignment being created

Make the text of Submit Button in Assignments align more with the type of assignment being created

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When I create an assignment as a teacher, and when students visit the assignment for the first time, by default the button where you have to click in order to begin the assignment says "Submit Assignment". Shouldn't it say something like "Start Assignment" since students have yet to even start the assignment? Thinking about clicking on "Submit Assignment" even before starting to type anything or even before a text box or the like is presented is a bit misleading, I think. No wonder students kept telling me that it doesn't show them the text box to enter their answers. I had to tell them to click on "Submit Assignment" first in order to be provided a text box. Once they finish, they have to click on "Submit Assignment" again. That's a bit confusing.


"Submit Assignment" makes sense for certain types of assignment but not all. The assignment we typically create manually that requires Text Entry or file upload etc. requires "Starting" the assignment first before "Submitting" it. So we should make the text of the "Submit Button" changeable or provide more options to choose such as where its text says "Start Assignment", and then once started, the default button text, i.e. "Submit Assignment" can be shown.

Please let me know if any clarifications are needed.

Am posting this year as suggested by a community member.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. You'll be happy to know that this improved user experience for students has already been implemented in Student Assignment Enhancements, and you can see how it looks in How do I submit an online assignment in a course u... - Canvas Community . Students will no longer initiate the process by clicking on the Submit Assignment as before; rather, they will be guided through a number of steps.

The Assignment Enhancements functionality is currently available to select schools that are testing it, so please subscribe to the New Student Enhancements Users - Canvas Community to learn more about when it will be generally available to all.

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Thanks @Stef_retired Yes, it looks like that will take care of it.

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@ytrkptl Thanks for letting us know! We'll close comments on this idea now.