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Mastery Paths: Supported with Classcraft

Mastery Paths: Supported with Classcraft

We've seen the research for gathering engagement through gamifying a classroom, but the truth is that it does take quite a bit of work.  For teachers looking to gamify their classroom, I believe the use of Classcraft and Canvas can work extremely well together. 


Mastery Paths provides teachers a way to allow students to have differentiated work at their level.  Students complete an assignment and based on the assessment of said assignment, they are assigned something appropriate for them.  This can be used as a game-element and there is a lot of potential here.


For teachers who are already using tools such as Classcraft, this works in a similar way to Quests.  For students who complete quests, once they are assessed, they are then provided a specific path open to them.  This operates the same way that Mastery Paths do in Canvas


I think if there were some way to link the Quests to the activities on Classcraft, teachers would be in a place to gamify their classroom digitally.

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you for sharing this idea,  @jonathan1_lin  Welcome to the Canvas Community! We can move this idea forward for voting to gauge sentiment around it as a potential partner integration. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the third-party app developer to build an integration with Canvas. Have you reached out to Classcraft to explore their interest in building this?

Community Member

I would so love this as well. GoogleClassroom is not the best option for the content I teach, so I have been loving my Canvas usage. HOWEVER... the kids I work with love ClassCraft and quests more than simply progressing through Canvas modules-- so I've been jumping through hoops to integrate GoogleClassroom assignments into Canvas assignments... it's just a mess. 

Would be really awesome to see this happen.