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It would help to have an option to see individual submissions in the To-Do List for instructors. Right now, it only shows the assignments with the number of submissions for each one that needs grading. I want the option to filter it so I can see the submissions in descending order while retaining the option to view by assignment. This way, I can quickly target the oldest submission(s) that need to be graded. Basically, the ability to collapse and uncollapse the assignment submissions and sort by date-order.

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 @liana_taylor  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Before we move this forward for further discussion, I wanted to make sure you know that this

...the option to filter it so I can see the submissions in descending order... 

...quickly target the oldest submission(s) that need to be graded...

is available in Speedgrader. An instructor can customize the view in Speedgrader so that the dropdown displays assignments by "needs grading" status (How do I sort the student list in SpeedGrader?

When I was teaching, I kept my course home page open in a tab, then right-clicked on each assignment in the To Do list to grade that assignment in Speedgrader; when I was finished with one assignment, I'd close Speedgrader, refresh the home page, and repeat the process with the next assignment on the To Do list.

Would this workflow satisfy the use case you've described?

Thanks, Liana.

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Thanks for replying. I'm aware of this feature and I do use it when grading. I'm thinking more of an overall list across all the assignments that I can filter by date submitted. Sometimes I want to start in date order rather than grade in assignment groups. Does that make sense?

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Yes,  @liana_taylor ‌, that makes perfect sense, and thanks for the clarification. As this idea moves forward for broader conversation, you might also be interested in this related idea that seeks similar functionality in the Gradebook: 

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Hello! Hello!

It would be great if students (and teachers) could choose which dates appeared first on their to-do lists.  On laptops,  the "Important Dates" column automatically posts the current day's assignments at the top.  However, on i-Pads, this feature is not available.  Students have to select "To Do" at the bottom of the screen.  When it pops up, all of their missing assignments show up in the order from oldest to most recent.  For some students, this is not an issue.  For other students who are missing lots of assignments, this is tedious to filter through.  Many of them get lost in the process.  

For me, as a teacher, when I click on To-Do, it automatically posts the oldest assignments for me to grade.  It doesn't matter if I had 3 students submit an assignment from ten weeks ago. That is the assignment that pops up for me to grade first.  I would love to be able to select "Most Recent" instead of having to scroll through to find them.


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