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The option to change due dates for entire modules should exist. Unless I am ignorant, I do not see that as an option. I use entire modules as a unit. These units are due on specific dates. I have to go in and change due dates for individual assignments in each module. If I copy a course, the option should exist for me to change the module due date, instead of having to change every assignments due date. This takes forever and is very annoying. Please advise

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Absolutely, we would love to have a module due date feature option!

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This would be so nice!!!

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I completely agree with this. It is totally inefficient to do this assignment by assignment in a given Module. It takes at least three clicks each time you edit a due date from Modules...two to get to the Edit screen and at least one more to get back to Modules or to get to the next assignment. It is completely inefficient. Why not allow us to edit the due date from the Module screen itself? This way I have a much clearer idea where I am, and I don't miss any assignments in the Module.

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This would save hours and hours of time. It would make teaching more equitable because if students need more time you can make an easy decision instead of "okay but do I have the time to change everything in that one module" then when I copy it over for next semester I need to change it all back. This feature would make it easier for me to be more flexible as a teacher. 

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I would like to be able to change the assignment due dates and points at the Module Edit link (on the right) rather than going to each assignment.

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I would like to suggest adding the following features to Modules:

  • Add a due date to Modules.
  • Automatically update the due dates of content in Modules as they are moved/added to Modules.  For example, if I move Assignment X from Module 1 to Module 3, the due date for Assignment X will automatically change from Module 1's due date to Module 3's due date.   
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I came here to suggest this exact idea! So much time is spent changing individual dates within a module and once simple place to enter a module due date would be fantastic. I also LOVE the idea of assignment due dates automatically changing when moved from one module to another!!

A great spot to do this would be in the "edit" feature out beside the module name where you have the options to create pre-requisites. 

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Hello, I am an instructor. Please create a feature where you can make a single due date for every assignment/quiz in a module so teachers can just put in one due date for the entire module instead of having to painstakingly go into every assignment and create due dates for each one. Also include the availability feature in this change as well.

Thanks so much!

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Regarding graded exercises on Canvas, there should be a way to organize and bunch graded exercises into a folder and then make all of those exercises due on a given date and time.  In other words, there needs to be an option to set deadlines in batches rather than at the level of the individual graded exercise.

It is tedious having to set deadlines for 150 individual grade exercises.  Additionally, when a student is ill and needs to make up a batch of graded exercises then the workload increases for the instructor/course supervisor.

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Even if Canvas can't change the design of modules to have a due date set for assignments within, it would be nice if the assignments on the bulk edit assignment due date page showed an option to group the assignments by module to make it easier to update due dates by module with an existing feature.

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Please add this! This would save so much time and be an efficient option to meet assignment extensions! 

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Please! The option to change due dates for entire modules should exist. Adjusting due dates for individual students in very large online classes is an interminable task. 



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You can use Pace Plans to set due dates for as many items as you want and each section can be different too.

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