More than one assignment submission type


A suggestion for assignments submission type. 

At this time, the external tool option is exclusive of all other types. So if we assign a template which is pulled from Google Drive, the student can only submit a document which was created from that template, and pulled from Google Drive the first time the student clicked "Submit" for that assignment. 

If the student has already created a document separately, that can't be submitted. Also, if the student wants to resubmit, it can only be that document which was originally created the first time "Submit" was clicked, (albeit modified in the intervening time).

Would it be possible to have the submission type be EITHER "external" tool OR "online," so that the student may submit a document that they created apart from the Google Drive template?

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 @englishskills50 ‌, we've opened this idea for voting as a companion of , which is focused on a request for multiple submission types specific to the Online submission option, but not a mixture of Online and External Tool submissions.


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When using an external tool in an assignment, for example KAMI, it would be helpful if students could also upload a document to that same post? For example,  some students prefer to handwrite their PDF assignments instead of doing them electronically, and then want to add pictures of the completed work. Currently, I need to create two assignments, one for use with Kami, and the other for the upload option. If you could have them on the same page, it would help avoid confusion with students and grading.

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I think this idea definitely deserves some re-visiting as schools open back up this Fall. I have students both in person and online. Many of my students in class prefer paper copies, while I cannot provide that for my virtual students. I would love to have the option to have both file uploads and paper submissions selected. 


For paper uploads, I'd love a "collected" option because assignments still show as "missing," even if there is a grade. Students, in person, know they turned it in, but Canvas is telling them something different. 


I believe reviewing how teachers can "collect assignments" is definitely worth doing as many of us are teaching in ways we never planned on before.

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Yes yes! @barley - I am having the same problem. Some students want to print, others don't have printers. How do I collect an assignment where half of them are using Kami as an external tool and the other half have printed and taken a picture and need to file upload?  Stuck indeed. 

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I think this is closer to the idea I am asking about as well...if a teacher only has half the class with a computer, could they accept a paper assignment and online assignment in the same assignment? Right now, they select online and the student handing in the paper shows the assignment as missing, which is a lot of work for the teacher to then un-tag missing from those who submitted it by paper. It continually reverts back to missing since the students have not interacted with the online assignment. It creates an equity issue if we can only accept it online.

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