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Move Qwickly to the Global Navigation menu

Move Qwickly to the Global Navigation menu

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Qwickly tools are great, but if I have to enter a course in order to use them (let alone add them to the course navigation bar) then it's creating pointless extra steps. Let's make Qwickly available on the global navigation, or at least on the dashboard, where it can be of most use and easily visible. 

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea, @kholt12 . Qwickly is not an Instructure product, so it is not something we would consider adding to the global or course navigation for all Canvas users. Generally speaking, the need for quick access to a third-party tool is organization-specific.  Would you please speak to the local Canvas admin for your school to ask them if they would consider configuring the global or course navigation menu in the manner you've requested?


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I had no idea, and I absolutely can! Thanks, Stefanie!