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New Quizzes: Drop-down answers should not be automatically shuffled

New Quizzes: Drop-down answers should not be automatically shuffled

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When creating a "fill in the blank" question in a New Canvas Quiz, the drop-down answer options are always  automatically shuffled for students. This is despite the fact that in quiz settings, the "shuffle answers" option is disabled. This should not be the expected behavior for New Quizzes. It would be extremely helpful for instructions using this feature if there were some kind of toggle to the New Quiz fill in the blank drop-down answer type questions to allow selection of whether the answers are shuffled or not, like there is for all other question types. 

Community Team
Community Team
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I agree. It does not make sense for these questions to shuffle possible answers by design even when the shuffle option is not selected. I often have my students parse a series of verbs in foreign languages. I do not need them to have to try to find where the correct answer is. It should be in the same place every time. This costs them time. If a shuffle switch exists, then it should toggle for all questions.

It took Canvas Help, several days to admit the questions were actually doing this, and then several more for them to notify me that this is by design. First, if it is by design, then Canvas Help should know it is by design and not tell users that it is not happening. Second, if it is by design, then is is poorly designed when there is a toggle switch and no explanation that it is ineffective on certain kinds of questions.

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